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Darwen Academy

Lancashire, UK

Darwen Academy represents an opportunity to provide a benchmark environment in the centre of Darwen, bringing together teaching and learning in new and interesting ways. An investment of £36m has made it possible to provide accommodations for 1,200 students between 11-16 years old and a further 400 post-16 places, offering both traditional and more vocational curriculum tailored to the needs of the pupils. Facilities include lecture theatres, open resource spaces, ICT areas and a flagship Learning Resource Centre that will enable pupils to focus on the development of their entrepreneurial skills. The facilities are also available to the local community.

The design of the academy successfully responds to the unique nature of the site and offers a large slope in two directions as it is situated on the side of a hill. The number of storeys in the building vary in order to work with the levels and the landscape which is seamlessly integrated within the project.

Darwen Academy Darwen Academy Darwen Academy Darwen Academy Darwen Academy Darwen Academy Darwen Academy
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