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Aedas celebrates 10th anniversary | Aedas | News & Events | 5/3/2012 | 5/3/2012

Aedas celebrates 10th anniversary


Aedas is pleased to announce the celebration of our tenth anniversary.  In the past decade we have transformed in size and global reach, to become one of the world’s largest architects*.  Formed in 2002 through the joining together of two well-established practices based in the UK and Hong Kong, Aedas today offers a diverse portfolio ranging from relatively small urban schools and other specialist building types to massive masterplans for an entire city.

In just ten years since our formation, we have grown to include 32 offices in 20 different countries, and have achieved this in a way that few other practices can match:  we have become a global business that is firmly rooted in the communities we serve, with a reputation that attracts the best local talent, giving them access to the most advanced knowledge and expertise from around the world.

Aedas’ growth reflects the changes in architectural consultancy worldwide, in which any company with aspirations to grow has needed to service an international market. We have done this successfully by taking a unique approach, designed to give our clients the very best service.

We establish an office in every location where we intend to work, and have owners of the practice in every office. This allows us to develop an in-depth understanding of each location, enhanced by a policy of encouraging members of the teams to play an active role in their communities. The result is architecture that is appropriate to its place while also being designed to the highest international standards.

Aware of the challenges of the future, we are committed to continuing to learn and develop so that we can create the best buildings for a world in which resources are becoming increasingly precious. All this is made possible through a commitment to research and through identifying and sharing a common intellectual platform, so that the diverse architects, landscape architects and interior designers who make up the organisation can all benefit from the latest technology, as can the equally diverse client group.

*The practice ranked first in BD’s World Architecture 100 2012

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