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U-Bora Towers | Aedas | Architecture | Mixed-use | Dubai, UAE | Dubai, UAE

U-Bora Towers

Dubai, UAE

The U-Bora Tower Complex is a mixed-use development located in the heart of Business Bay, Dubai, UAE. The design has given equal attention to its three different uses include office, residential and retail complex, in order to maximize their opportunities and viabilities within the site’s context.

The 250m high U-Bora Office Tower is located prominently on the main axis within the Business Bay Development. It was designed as an anchor on this axis and within its own development. Along with the 462m Burj Alam, located across the street of this main axis, the two towers work together and act as a gateway into the development. The tower position is rotated from the orthogonal at the street level to help focus the office space down the future view corridors toward the water and past the surrounding developments. As the tower increase in height its four faces respond directly to their three dimensional context. They all twist at varying degrees and angles to re-orient their faces to maximize available views. The north face focusing on a view corridor toward the water, rises over the twenty floor towers across the street, and then reorients itself parallel to the unobstructed view of the water.

The south face views past the projects own residential component, to the water behind the site. This face then significantly begins to twist after rising above the twelve story high low-end of this block – giving this face of the office tower an open view down this water body as well as orienting the geometry softly toward its own podium deck. The west face responds similarly toward the main water body while the east face maintains its position to look past the tower across the street. 


• Cityscape Abu Dhabi Awards 2012
– Winner, Built Commercial, Office & Retail Project Award

• Arabian Residential Property Awards 2009
– 5-Star, Best Architecture (Multiple Units), Dubai
– 5-Star, Best Development, Dubai

• Arabian Commercial Property Awards 2009
– 4-Star, Best Mixed Use Development, Dubai
– 4-Star, Architecture Award, Dubai 

Client: Bando Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd.
G.F.A: 120,000sq.m

U-Bora Towers U-Bora Towers U-Bora Towers
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