We believe that a diverse world is a more
interesting world

About Aedas

Aedas is one of the world’s leading global architecture and design practices.

The company is built on the belief that great design can only be delivered by people with a deep social and cultural understanding of the communities they are designing for.

Aedas global platform for creative excellence in design enables some of the world’s most talented designers to plug into the latest information and delivery systems they need to produce truly world-class design solutions.

The practice’s unique structure, global presence, and commitment to cutting-edge R&D are testament to our desire to deliver design excellence to clients wherever they are in the world.

  • Point of view

    We believe that a diverse world is a more interesting world.

    Globalisation brings great advances and benefits: greater understanding of different cultures, the ability to be almost anywhere in a matter of hours, and the falling away of social and cultural barriers. But with this also comes the feeling that the world is becoming more homogenous and potentially less interesting.

    We have a fascination for and high regard for the social and environmental differences of different cultures and communities. These differences have been cultivated over many years. They are the reason that the world is unique and exciting to experience.

    In every commission we undertake we first seek to understand the society and culture of the communities we design for.

  • Belief

    At Aedas, we believe that great design is diverse design. It’s a product of its environment. It’s design by people who intrinsically understand the end user.

    It’s also design that constantly challenges the status quo and looks to innovation and cutting edge thinking to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

  • Mission

    We aim to create world-class design solutions that are tailored to the needs of communities around the world.

    To achieve this we have created a global platform for creative excellence in architecture. A platform that enables the best creative minds to plug into the information and delivery systems they need to produce extraordinary work all over the world.

  • Values

    We are diverse by design. Aedas brings together expertise from across the world. This means that each project includes people on the design team that understand and respect the social and cultural needs of the local community they are designing for. It also means that every project, no matter how large or small, can draw on all Aedas’ collective wisdom from across the world.
  • Values

    Above everything we place creativity and creative thinking. We recruit inspired and independently minded people who are
    passionate about design and want to excel. We provide them with the freedom and space to dream, and because our organization supports, informs, enables and empowers them, they are able to deliver solutions that create a positive impact in the communities that they are intended for.
  • Values

    We constantly look to push the boundaries of what’s possible in every new project that we undertake. Our global platform provides all of our experts globally, with access to this latest thinking, so that clients, large and small can benefit.
  • Values

    Great thinking is meaningless if it doesn’t become reality. We have invested heavily in systems and processes to ensure that our ideas are executed to the highest standard and that our designers can draw on the latest technical expertise. We have the delivery systems to make great design a reality wherever we work in the world.
  • Values

    Quality permeates every activity and decision we take. From the people we employ, the projects we design to the selection of all the numerous building components that are used to construct the projects. We apply the highest standards to everything that we are involved with.