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What we do / Retail
Aedas provides a full range of retail design services
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Aedas provides a full range of retail design services

The prominence of retail has changed dramatically in the past two decades as both a social and urban integrator. Retail destinations are the core of mixed-use developments and have a significant impact in effective urban regeneration. Our global network has been at the forefront in understanding these international retail trends and we design successful retail environments in diverse locations, with expertise from single stores to retail malls within integrated mixed-use developments or transport hubs.

Retail has moved on from outdated concepts of shop fronts and large closed boxes to become major defining elements of our urban environments. Whether for standalone name brand flagship stores, new retail developments or adaptive reuse of existing buildings, we understand how to design multilayered retail as functional and visual hubs of social, commercial and recreational activities throughout the day. We also know that the aspirational factor of specific developments has a significant impact on the required solution between spatial efficiency - conventionally considered king in retail design, iconic design and hospitality to maximize financial return.

Our local teams understand the cultural preferences and urban environments we design for, whilst our international experience provides in-depth knowledge of the five key challenges of retail: attraction, retention, ease of use, integration and revenue. We create retail spaces that are destinations in their own right. This combined platform enables us to design innovative, high performance spaces that create greater social amenity for communities, enhanced value for our clients, and reflect the cultural identity of their specific place.