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What we do / Architecture / Mixed use / Xihongmen Mixed-use Development, Da Xing District
30 November 2017
Hat-trick of Awards at 2017 MIPIM Asia Awards

Aedas outperformed other projects from various Asian countries and landed three 2017 MIPIM Asia Awards, including:


-         China World Trade Center Phase 3C Development, Beijing, China – Gold Award, Best Chinese Futura Project

-         Unilever Headquarters, Jakarta, Indonesia – Gold Award, Best Office & Business Development 

-         Olympia 66, Dalian, China – Silver Award, Best Retail Development


Designed by Andrew Bromberg at Aedas, China World Trade Center Phase 3C Development in Beijing, China, is the fifth and final phase of the entire China World Development, which acts as a catalyst as a cultural centre to bring people together from within and beyond China World Trade Center by introducing a ‘Civic Green’ to the entire master plan and serving as the new front door to the entire China World complex. It also allows the basement retail to have a continuous loop which ties the current and future subway lines together to enable and encourage connections over and under Third Ring Road. The Civic Green is designed to be a sloped plan lifted above the ground, dipping down to the main entrance and allowing immediate access and visibility from all levels of the development. The front door is carved to immediately descend down to the retail loop, extending the basement as part of the ground plane. A large exhibition center becomes the ‘attractor’ at the basement level to invite visitors down to the retail loop, while an Olympic-sized ice-skating rink under the Civic Green is another attractor from above. In addition to traditional retail and food and beverage elements, the development also provides art studios, large exhibition spaces, organic farm, cultural and educational facilities to enrich the site.


Unilever Headquarters, designed by Executive Director Steven Thor, is located in the BSD Green Office Park, Jakarta, Indonesia. The new headquarters is designed to support the spirit of community, collaboration, engagement and agility with reference to the traditional village planning in Indonesia. It has a ‘square’, ‘main roads’, and ‘streets’ to create a sense of community. The planning is focused on engaging group and individual work into zones to induce collaboration while maintaining privacy. The top four floors are office spaces with break-out areas; while the ground floor is dedicated to public and shared facilities. Surrounding the central, light-filled atrium that serves as a large event space are common facilities including a mosque, staff dining area, day care centre, fitness centre, beauty salon and multi-purpose hall. 


Completed in 2015, Olympia 66, designed by Global Design Principals Christine Lam and David Clayton, is located in Dalian, China, and offers 221,900 square meters of shopping, dining and entertainment space. It creates a contemporary statement with an oriental overtone, and boasts a unique architectural style, with its grand curving geometric design reflecting the concept of the auspicious Chinese twin swimming carp. The project features sophisticated vistas and interconnected vibrant atrium spaces. The shells on the roof are layered to create clear storey glazing, allowing direct and reflected light into the two atria. The specially-designed vertical columns inside the mall give an artistic touch and create maximum space to enhance customers’ shopping experience. 


The MIPIM Asia Awards recognise the property industry’s best and brightest, rewarding innovation and achievement in a variety of fields.