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What we do / Architecture / Mixed use / Xihongmen Mixed-use Development, Da Xing District
24 April 2018
Double win for Christine Lam, David Clayton and Ed Lam at 2018 ICSC China Shopping Centre and Retailer Awards

Aedas projects celebrate a double win at 2018 ICSC China Shopping Centre and Retailer Awards – Olympia 66 in Dalian, China, won a Gold award for Design and Development - New Developments; while MOKO in Hong Kong, received a Silver award for Design and Development - Renovations/Expansions.

Designed by Global Design Principals Christine Lam and David Clayton, Olympia 66 creates a contemporary statement with an oriental overtone. The design drew inspiration from the twin carps, a symbol of wealth and abundance. The interplay of two swimming carps inspired a dynamic form which allows a loop circulation flowing through a continuous chain of retail, atrium and event spaces to the sky-plaza and central roof garden. This seven-storey shopping mall grasps the fine balance between complex form and function, responding to the immediate surroundings and providing the largest shopping and lifestyle destination in Dalian.

Designed by Executive Director Ed Lam, MOKO is situated at Mongkok East, a focal node with high pedestrian flow in Kowloon, Hong Kong. To improve the existing layout and circulation, the atrium is strategically transformed into an elegant form and extended to the northern part of the mall, making the atrium the focal point of the architecture and a connection hub. The refurbishment took inspirations from the nature with delicate touches of trees, leaves, petals, river, cloud and stars. The new design demonstrates a harmonious mix of nature and metropolitan.

The ICSC China Shopping Centre and Retailer Awards recognise excellence, innovation and creativity within China’s retail real estate industry honouring outstanding achievement in marketing, social media, and the design and development of retail properties and stores.