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What we do / Architecture / Mixed use / Xihongmen Mixed-use Development, Da Xing District
26 January 2024
Award-winning Accolades at A&D Awards

Twice in a row! We are thrilled to announce that Aedas has received a total of 5 awards at the renowned A&D Awards this year. The awards celebrate the design excellence of the projects delivering world-class design solutions for the communities.

1. The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong, Hong Kong (designed by Executive Director Jerome Wong) – Silver Award in Architecture – Best Hotel, Resort & Leisure Category

2. Zhongtai Residential Development, Shenzhen, PRC (designed by Global Design Principal Cary Lau) –Silver Award in Architecture – Best Residential / Housing Category

3. SINOVAC High-Tech Achievements Transformation Project, Beijing, PRC (designed by Global Design Principals Ken Wai and Dr. Andy Wen and Executive Director Zihuan Lin) – Silver Award in Architecture – Future Developments / Commercial Category

4. Hangzhou Yuhang Cainiao Headquarters & Industry Park, Hangzhou, PRC (designed by Global Design Principal Cary Lau and Executive Director Henry Chau) – Certificate of Excellence in Architecture – Best Workplace Category

5. Snow Beer Factory Redevelopment, Shenzhen, PRC (designed by Founder and Chairman Keith Griffiths and Global Design Principal Kevin Wang) – Certificate of Excellence in Architecture – Future Developments / Mixed Use Category

The A&D Awards have set the benchmark for excellence in architecture and interior design within Greater China and beyond. They are highly respected for recognising and celebrating the most innovative and efficient projects by local and overseas practices.