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What we do / Architecture / Mixed use / Xihongmen Mixed-use Development, Da Xing District
21 November 2022
Two Aedas projects won Design Middle East Awards 2022

We are glad to share that Aedas has received three awards at the Design Middle East Awards this year. Our projects Trojena Mountain Ski Village and Habitas Alula Resort were respectively awarded Winners of Best Future Project category and Hospitality Project Design (Hotels) category at the Design Middle East Awards this year.

Along with the awarded projects, Aedas was also recognised as Highly Commended, Architecture Firm of the Year. This feat highlights our dedication to creating world-class design solutions that are tailored to the needs of cities and communities around the world.

Highly Commended, Architecture Firm of the Year
Led by Aedas Global Design Principal Ignacio Gomez, our Middle East office stands out among many large-scale international architecture firms. With 100 creative professionals, the office integrates cultural sensibilities and innovative design concepts through employing cutting-edge technology to break new grounds, rendering Aedas as a top architectural firm in Middle East.

Habitas Alula Resort, Saudi Arabia (by Global Design Principal Ignacio Gomez)
Set in the heart of the Saudi Arabia and adjacent to the ancient sites, Habitas Alula Resort is one of the signature desert resorts. Its location in the Hidden Canyon creates a unique arrival experience and drawcard to the hotel. Pursuing luxury and seclusion in public and private areas, the layout addresses the orientation and landscape view of each unit. Habitas Alula Resort echos other hotels under the same brand, adopting a pre-fabricated modular concept. Aedas is the Masterplanner and Habitas is the Architect and Interior Designer.

Design Middle East Awards honour the best architecture and design projects in the region. The awards include individual, project and company awards, covering various sectors of sustainability, hospitality, masterplan, mixed-use and cultural projects.