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What we do / Architecture / Mixed use / Xihongmen Mixed-use Development, Da Xing District
24 February 2023
Aedas honoured at ENOC Strategic Suppliers Recognition 2023

We are pleased to announce that Aedas has been recognised for their exceptional work on the ENOC Future Station Expo 2020 Project at the Strategic Suppliers Recognition 2023. The ceremony, hosted by ENOC Group, recognises strategic suppliers who worked on ENOC’s pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai for their performance and contributions.

Aedas has collaborated with the Group to deliver on its ongoing commitment towards the UAE’s continued development by designing ENOC Future Station – Dubai Expo 2020. The station is situated in Dubai and showcases our commitment to creating functional and visually appealing structures that complement their environment. The project's sleek and modern design is a testament to the firm's ability to merge aesthetics and functionality in their designs. This recognition demonstrates Aedas' reputation as an innovative and sustainable architectural firm.

The design concept pays homage to the UAE’s rich heritage by taking inspiration from its national tree, the Ghaf. The Ghaf has deep and far-reaching roots that typify the extent of ancestors and travelers who have found solace and refuge under its inclusive canopy. As an endemic species, the Ghaf is an enduring symbol of shelter, resilience and permanence, linking the past to the present and providing a perfect basis for design of an innovative, futuristic and sustainable station. Aedas is delighted to work with ENOC and we look forward to having more landmarks created for the community.