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What we do / Architecture / Mixed use / Xihongmen Mixed-use Development, Da Xing District
12 August 2021
Four Aedas projects recognised at the International Architecture Awards 2021

The 2021 International Architecture Awards has awarded four Aedas projects accolades for their design excellence. They are:

1. Hengqin International Financial Center, Zhuhai, China (by Chairman and Global Design Principal Keith Griffiths and Global Design Principal Andy Wen)

Aedas-designed Hengqin International Financial Center (IFC) stands 339-metres high on the propitious Hengqin Island, a future financial district connecting cities in the Greater Bay Area. The design of the property is inspired by the famous painting ‘Nine Dragons’, dating from the Southern Song Dynasty. From outside in, the tower ascends from the ground up in a spiraling fashion, invoking the Chinese flood dragon myth as a metaphor for the dignity and grandeur of the region. Comprised of Grade-A office, conference and exhibition amenities, commercial apartments and retail space; the building inexorably expresses immense growth, and embodies the district’s prosperity.

2. Shaw Tower Redevelopment, Singapore (by Global Design Principal Christine Lam and Global Design Principal David Clayton)

Located on a L-shaped plot at the intersection of Beach Road and Middle Road, Shaw Tower is a high-rise mixed-commercial building first built in 1975. The integrated redevelopment will offer Grade-A office space, as well as retail and food and beverage elements on the ground floor. Other features of the new development will include lifestyle amenities, indoor and outdoor community facilities, and sky terraces. The design explores the wrapping of spaces and layering of forms to achieve a marriage of beautiful landscape and contemporary sleek architecture, set within a cosmopolitan skyline. The subtle curves and folds reach from the ground floor plane where it starts to outline a series of public spaces that spirals up to the tower profile and crown. Upon completion, Shaw Tower will become part of a vibrant mixed-use cluster of commercial, culture and lifestyle.

3. Xiangyang OCT Cultural & Tourism Area Joy Town, Hubei, China (by Global Design Principal Kevin Wang)

The project design combines the cultural elements of Xiangyang's ancient piers and historical importance as a transportation hub to create an immersive space with unique dining and lifestyle experiences. Inspired by the project's esteemed and festive spirit, the design captures the city's cultural elements through the spatial and environmental atmosphere from multiple angles to showcase the development's vibrant and immersive ambience. As the gateway to the resort area in the Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town Cultural Tourism Development Zone, the Xiangyang OCT Cultural & Tourism Development Area Joy Town serves as an important development in the Ecological and Cultural Tourism Department in western Hubei.

4. International Sports and Culture Exchange Centre, Shenzhen, China (by Executive Director Chris Chen and Executive Director Leon Liang)

Marked by a 3.6 km vertical running track wrapping along the building envelop, the International Sports and Cultural Exchange Centre is a landmark community building that integrates sports, culture and social interaction in Futian District of Shenzhen. The vertical stacking strategy is adopted to integrate the development’s multiple functional spaces, supporting office and public facilities in a high-rise building mass. It enables each program to operate independently while staying connected through public spaces, forming a perfect ecosystem of sports, industry and community. By responding to the surrounding city context and the diverse needs of the citizens, the International Sports and Culture Exchange Centre creates an unique city interface and provides a 24/7 civic space for the city of Shenzhen.

The International Architecture Awards are the largest and most extensive global architecture awards program in the world, honoring new skyscrapers, commercial buildings, urban plans, private residences, and real estate projects that achieve a high standard of excellence in design, construction, planning, and sustainability and promote the best practice in all types of real estate development for the private and public sectors.