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What we do / Architecture / Mixed use / Xihongmen Mixed-use Development, Da Xing District
19 March 2024
Aedas-designed LAMDA’s Ellinikon Commercial Hub clinches trophy at MIPIM Awards 2024

Aedas-designed The Ellinikon Commercial Hub has received the Best New Mega Development award at MIPIM Awards this year. It is the highest recognition for our design excellence which highlights our dedication to creating world-class design solutions that place a strong emphasis on a holistic commitment to sustainability and the communities.

Situated at the Eastern edge of the Ellinikon District, The Ellinikon Commercial Hub is located in a prime location in Athens. Transformed from the former Athens International Airport, the hub is slated to become a contemporary mini-city comprises the new state-of-the-art commercial, leisure and business destination that will extend to more than 185,000 sq m on Vouliagmenis Avenue.

The Commercial Hub consists of the largest mall in Greece, a next generation retail park with big-box stores. Right next to it, an iconic mixed-use tower houses a hotel and apartments. It is a pioneering ecosystem that introduces a new lifestyle philosophy in shopping and entertainment. Aedas Global Design Principal David Clayton says, ‘The mall is well-connected to become a social and cultural centre of Hellinikon. A mall that transcends being a place to shop to being a heart of a community is ultimately a mall that will have a long and successful.’

The architectural style adopts the new interpretation of blending contemporary, technology with sustainable design. The seamless circulation design of the mall complex and mixed-use tower maximises the synergies between different but complementary uses, offerings and experiences, so that the transition between indoor mall and outdoor streetscape becomes a commercial opportunity to provide alfresco dining and outdoor recreational areas. The Ellinikon Commercial Hub is filled with ample public space, open and spacious design for events and exhibitions, large atriums and roof decks for promotional activities.

Global Design Principal Christine Lam adds, ‘A unique multi-dimensional landscape, where plazas and green precincts are prominent. Wander around the plazas, gardens and paths. The perfect integration of contemporary architecture and nature make you feel like stepping into an urban oasis.’

Project: The Ellinikon Commercial Hub
Client: LAMDA Development S.A.
Design Architect: Aedas Global Design Principals Christine Lam and David Clayton

MIPIM Awards 2024 places a strong emphasis on a holistic commitment to sustainability, from exemplary buildings in real estate’s chief asset classes, to mixed-use and urban regeneration schemes that rewrite the rule book. The MIPIM Awards features a number to categories, reflecting MIPIM’s commitment to celebrate projects that lead in terms of sustainability and their commitment to serving communities, businesses and the planet.