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What we do / Architecture / Mixed use / Xihongmen Mixed-use Development, Da Xing District
03 January 2024
Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport Satellite Concourse crowned World Prix Versailles, the highest pinnacle of airport design

We are thrilled to announce that the Aedas-designed Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport has soared to new heights, clinching the highest distinction title of the World Prix Versailles under the Airports category at the prestigious Prix Versailles. The award pays tribute to innovation, creativity, reflection of local heritage and ecological efficiency and the values of social interaction and participation, which the United Nations holds in high regard.

Jointly-designed by GDAD, Aedas Executive Director Albert Tong, and Landrum & Brown (USA), the Shenzhen Airport Satellite Concourse is completed in November 2021, which is a significant addition to China's aviation landscape being only the second satellite concourse in the country. It provides a capacity of 22 million passengers per year to the bustling hub airport.

As a remote gate concourse, the Satellite Concourse seamlessly accessed through the existing Terminal 3 via an underground automatic people mover (APM) system. This internal arrival experience played a key part in informing the design process and decisions which put special emphasis on prioritizing passenger satisfaction.

The passenger journey commences at the spacious and grand underground APM station, featuring high headroom and interconnected platforms to create a light and airy atmosphere. Passengers ascending to departures concourse level, are greeted by a central atrium with natural daylight through skylights and perimeter glazing. Departing from conventional white and grey palette, warm-toned ceiling and landscaping contribute to a welcoming and humane interior ambiance.

At the concourse's Y-shaped nodal points, two expansive event spaces both named Gemini Plaza provide dynamic venues for exhibitions and events, showcasing the best of Shenzhen and seamlessly integrating the city's spirit into the airport. These spaces are illuminated by triangular, Bougainvillea-themed skylights and animated by LED screens.

The gate lounges feature curved, double-height glass façades that harmonize with the form of Terminal 3, offering passengers breathtaking views of the airfield. Each panel of the façade incorporates individual shading devices optimized to the building's orientation. Prioritizing sustainability and passenger well-being, the concourse also boasts two of the largest airside landscaped external viewing platforms in China, providing passengers with an alternative to the interior spaces.

The Shenzhen Airport Satellite Concourse received China Green Building Evaluation Label – 3-Star Certification. It combines functional efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and passenger-centric design principles to enhance the airport experience and reflect the vibrant spirit of Shenzhen.