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What we do / Architecture / Mixed use / Xihongmen Mixed-use Development, Da Xing District
04 December 2020
Two Aedas projects recognised at the REARD Awards 2020

At the REARD Awards this year, two Aedas-designed projects received accolades for their design excellence and innovation. They are:

1. Chengdu Shimao Festival City, Chengdu, China (by Global Design Principal Kevin Wang and Executive Director Yao Chun Wen)
Gold, Category – Commercial & Silver, Category – Tourism

Chengdu Shimao Festival City is located in Longquan, a well-known leisure destination in east Chengdu. Over the course of rapid urbanization, high-density developments have gradually eroded the laidback spirit of the district. In an effort to reinstall this spirit, the design is centered around the idea of constructing a commercial building in which Chengdu’s languid energy is encapsulated. Multiple elements of the building demonstrate the aforementioned intention, such as the unique dimension of the building - informed by the craft of Sichuan bamboo weaving; the central courtyard that interacts with our ecology; as well as the aesthetically pleasing promenade filled with flowers and shrubbery.

2. Guanyun Qiantang City, Hangzhou, China (by Global Design Principal Dr Andy Wen and Director Nicole Liu)
Bronze, Category – Commercial

Located in the Olympic Sports Center and International Expo Center of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, the Guanyun Qiantang City is a 334,290 sq m mixed-use project comprised of office towers and retail programs sitting along the mother river of the city. This development takes full advantage of the surrounding landscape to create a high-quality commercial, business integrated community. Applying the “encircled, not enclosed” notion from traditional Chinese gardens designs, it instills a sense of openness in the connected space. The five towers - inspired by the Chinese axiom “ride on wind and break through the wave”, embody at once the beauty of strength and tenderness. Above all, the marrow of the design lays in the Yin and Yang philosophical thought, creating a dynamic but tranquil space.

Rooted in the vision of leading the property market, REARD Award strives to seek out outstanding designers from China, as well as expanding existing award categories, recognizing architectural wonders across all fields.