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What we do / Architecture / Mixed use / Xihongmen Mixed-use Development, Da Xing District
29 May 2013
2013 UIPT Asia-Pacific Grow with Public Transport Award

At the 60th International Association of Public Transport (UIPT) World Congress held in Geneva, Switzerland, Aedas-designed Marina Bay Station in Singapore was awarded the 2013 UIPT Asia-Pacific Grow with Public Transport Award for the Design Innovation category for its station design that blends well into its surroundings.

“We are extremely delighted that our innovative design has earned Marina Bay Station a prestigious award,” said Kevin Jose, Global Board Director of Aedas. “Innovation is one of Aedas’ values. We constantly look to push the boundaries of what is possible in every new project that we undertake.”

As an integral part of Singapore’s Marina Bay development and an interchange station for two major metro lines, Marina Bay Station is located in a public park. The design aims to integrate the station into the park landscape through large areas for landscaping and a reflective pool. The translucent ETFE canopy, inspired by the local rain trees with large span canopies, acts as a skylight to allow natural light to penetrate deep into the underground hall and offer view of the sky for commuters in the hall. It also provides shelter to protect park users from the tropical sun and rain. 

To further minimise the visual impact of the station to the surrounding park landscape, all ventilation openings within immediate vicinity of the station entrance are maintained below eye level. Emergency exits and back-of-house access are arranged along a sunken pathway. Only the lift, the entrance glazed enclosure, the lightweight ETFE canopy and reflective pool are visible on street level, giving users full view of the park from the station entrance.

Singapore is a densely populated city-state. The country’s MRT network offers a preferable alternative to private transport and MRT stations provides not only transport facilities but additional functions such as underground pedestrian network and public plaza. The Marina Bay Station has successfully demonstrated that with smart designs, transport facilities can have a positive effect on the public realm beyond their technical agenda.

The Grow with Public Transport campaign is an UITP initiative to promote improved mobility and appealing sustainable transport options. The annual Grow with Public Transport Awards rewards public transport stakeholders who have demonstrated outstanding innovation in supporting the growth of public transport.