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What we do / Architecture / Mixed use / Xihongmen Mixed-use Development, Da Xing District
02 December 2015
Aedas wins five out of nine 2015 MIPIM Asia Awards in three Futura Project categories

This year Aedas again topped competitors from various Asian countries to win five out of nine 2015 MIPIM Asia Awards in three Futura Project categories, including:

· Gold Award, Best Futura Mega Project - The West Kowloon Terminus Under The Hong Kong Section of The Express Rail Link Project, Hong Kong, designed by Andrew Bromberg of Aedas
· Silver Award, Best Chinese Futura Project - Sina Plaza, Beijing, China
· Bronze Award, Best Futura Mega Project - Ciputra International, Jakarta, Indonesia
· Bronze Award, Best Chinese Futura Project - Hengqin International Financial Center, Zhuhai, China
· Bronze Award, Best Chinese Futura Mega Project - The Heart of Yiwu, An ‘Urban Living’ Plaza, Yiwu, China

As a gateway to Hong Kong, the design of The West Kowloon Terminus Under The Hong Kong Section of The Express Rail Link Project is considered vital to connect the station with the surrounding urban context and make arriving or departing passengers aware that ‘I am in Hong Kong’. In order to do this, the design efficiently compacted all supporting spaces to allow for a very large void down into the departure hall below. The outside ground plane bent down to the hall and the roof structure above gestures toward the harbour. The result is an around 40 metres high volume which focuses all attention through the south façade toward views of the Hong Kong Central skyline and Victoria Peak beyond.

Sina Plaza is a headquarters development for Sina Corporation, a Nasdaq listed company that operates and Weibo and has more than 85 million unique users per day, in Beijing. ‘Limitless’ is the core concept of the design as advances in media technology and information flow have opened up unlimited opportunities in the digital world. The building is designed to reflect the infinity symbol ‘∞’ to express this concept of ‘limitless’. The objective of the architectural planning is to ensure maximum flexibility based on a modular approach that allows reshaping and adjustments as needed.

Centrally located between Jakarta's city centre and the international airport, Ciputra International will set a new benchmark for premium development in the city. The organic forms and master plan derived their inspiration from a palm leaf motif. Buildings are progressively positioned in an outward manner to maximise porosity and views and allow prevailing winds to flow through the development to keep it cool and comfortable.

The inspiration for the Hengqin International Financial Center is the well known Southern Sung Dynasty painting, Nine Dragons, in which the dragons rise strong and commanding from a stormy sea. It takes the form of a flood dragon busting from the sea. In ancient Chinese literature the flood dragons are magical creatures capable of invoking storms and floods and is often used to describe a newborn power – an apt symbol for a new building devoted to the development of an experimental financial zone.

Sited in a city renowned for one of the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market, The Heart of Yiwu, An ‘Urban Living’ Plaza is set to become a one-stop lifestyle urban complex with a combination of large-scale retail, dining and entertainment facilities, allowing visitors to enjoy shopping, food and beverage, cultural and leisure activities in a single destination. The design incorporates an outdoor circulation route, which resembles the ancient Chaoyang Gate and its 42 steps where traders in the past passed through every day.

The MIPIM Asia Awards recognise the property industry’s best and brightest, rewarding innovation and achievement in a variety of fields.