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What we do / Architecture / Mixed use / Xihongmen Mixed-use Development, Da Xing District
07 November 2013
Perspective Awards 2013

At the Perspective Awards 2013 presentation ceremony held in Hong Kong, THR350 in Hong Kong and 8 Napier in Singapore received Certificates of Excellence under the Residential category.

“Aedas is extremely proud that our designs are once again being recognised and awarded,” said Ken Wai, Global Board Member of Aedas and designer of THR350. “At Aedas, we believe that great design is diverse design. It’s a product of its environment. It’s design by people who intrinsically understand the end user. It’s also design that constantly challenges the status quo and looks to innovation and cutting edge thinking to push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

THR 350 is a nine-storey private residence located at a hillside on the Hong Kong Island. Its design was inspired by an early image of the city, which shows a waterfall flowing over a cliff and visually dividing the rock surface into two portions. This visual became a key driver of the design concept which uses a 1.5-metre grid to govern the planning of the building. This is rigidly followed through on the façade to resemble the sturdy rock face; but punctuated by a sculptural staircase that reflects the freeform of water and was further reinterpreted as three stacking ice cubes. The collision of forms not only links the building to the historic setting of Hong Kong but also the current context of the site, making it uniquely appropriate. The strong and dynamic juxtaposition also expresses the family’s passion for modern arts.

Nestled in the green and lush environs of the prestigious Napier Road within close proximity to the Singapore Botanical Garden, 8 Napier redefines apartment living in Asia. In line with the qualities that make Singapore renowned in the world as a ‘Garden City’ – light, air, space and greenery – the clean and modern architecture of 8 Napier strives for serene simplicity with a choice palette of tasteful materials, green designs and a unique spatial concept.  Standing at 10-storey high and comprising a total of 46 units, 8 Napier offers a superlative standard in apartment living with an indistinguishable boundary of indoor and outdoor living.