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What we do / Architecture / Mixed use / Xihongmen Mixed-use Development, Da Xing District
08 December 2023
Keith Griffiths sketched and discussed about AI at FORTUNE Brainstorm Design Macau 2023

Aedas Founder and Global Principal Designer Keith Griffiths and Associate Director Jiannan Liu attended the FORTUNE Brainstorm Design Macau 2023 on 6th December, delivering an intriguing demonstration of sketching and generation of renderings through the advanced AI design tool XKool under the topic ‘The Power of Sketching’. Keith discussed the evolution of the design process as influenced by AI with Clay Chandler, the Chair of the event and Executive Editor of Asia FORTUNE.

Keith explained that sketches are a fast and efficient design tool due to a seamless interface between the hand and the mind. AI creates a presentation quality render quickly from a sketch and therefore supplants the time consuming process of creating computer models and CGI renders at the conceptual design stage.

During the live demonstration at the event, Keith quickly sketched several architectural forms which Jiannan Liu input to XKool to provide a good quality render in a matter of minutes. The demonstration captivated the audience with the speed and quality of the renders generated by AI.

We thank Fortune Magazine for organising the valuable event, which created thought-provoking sessions for the speakers and audience.

Watch the video HERE.